Weight-Loss Before and After – How Much Will Your Life Change?

Everyone fantasizes that losing weight will transform his or her entire life. But is that really true? Will your life really be all that different? Here are some things to consider when dreaming about your weight loss before- and after-life.

Why are you trying to lose weight? Are you hoping to improve your health? Do you or your family members have chronic health problems that you are trying to avoid? Then yes, dropping the pounds can dramatically change your life. You will have more energy, you will sleep better and many of your health problems may lessen or even disappear entirely. You will truly be a whole new you. People will not be able to stop comparing you before and after weight loss.

On the other hand, are you expecting other parts of your life to change? Do you expect Prince or Princess Charming to come into your life after you lose weight? While that may happen, he or she will be noticing you because of your new-found confidence rather than because of your weight loss. You will be paying more attention to how you look and you will feel better about yourself. That’s what is making you attractive, not the number on the scale.

Likewise, are you expecting to get the big promotion after your weight loss? Again, while that may happen, it’s because you may find you have more energy and are more productive once you’ve lost weight. If that’s so, consider it a wonderful bonus to improved health. However, if you have been working hard at your job all along but gain a promotion because they happen to notice you more because you have lost weight, think twice before accepting it. Do you really want to continue in a job where they apparently notice appearance more than hard work?

While losing weight can be a great start toward transforming your life, just be aware that you may need to do other things in order to do so. If you have been hiding your insecurities behind added pounds, consider how you can become more self-confident. If overeating is your way to control stress or to blot out emotionally painful situations, think of other ways to deal with it. While you’re losing weight, think of other ways to meet and attract the man or woman of your dreams and to work toward your dream job.

We all love weight loss before and after stories. We also all want to be the star of our own Cinderella story. While losing weight can and will change your life, make sure you are reading for the next act.

Source by Lisa Marie Carter

Author: james tarrao