Self Hypnosis Weight Loss – Using Self Hypnosis For Emotional Eating – A Simple Solution

Using self hypnosis for emotional eating is a quick way to get back control over what type of food you eat as well as when you eat. It is a way to take back control over all aspects of food and eating that seem to be out of your control right now.

First what is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is eating out of control. Eating in response to your emotions rather than in response to your need to replenish your food supplies. Hunger is a programmed response that is a survival mechanism that is designed to keep us alive and healthy. Hunger originally is felt when there is a drop in blood sugar. Our body’s way of notifying us that our fuel is running low. Kind of like that light on the dashboard of your car that comes on when the gas tank has just a couple of gallons left.

And just like when you fill up that gas tank and the light goes out, when you eat, blood sugar returns to normal and hunger disappears. That’s how it naturally works, unless you learned different unhealthy responses.

If you have gotten caught up in emotional eating it’s because you have learned a method of dealing with some kind of emotion by distracting yourself from the emotion by eating. perhaps you learned it when you were a lot younger and your mother would feed you whenever you were feeling out of sorts. Or maybe you learned it when you went to the doctor for your shots, and after the trauma of getting stuck with needles the nurse gave you a lollipop to stop your crying. However you learned it, you found that the act of distraction worked fine to deal with your emotions.

The problem got out of hand, because since that feeling had nothing to do with hunger, no matter how much you ate, you would go back to feeling bad, because eating was only a temporary distraction. So you feel bad and then what happens? That’s right, you go right back to eating again. So do you see how this gets out of hand and how easy it is to overeat? There’s no regulator on feeling full. And your body works to find room for the additional food that you’re taking in and you become fat and out of shape.

With hypnosis for weight loss, you learn to first respond to that emotion in a way that satisfies the emotion, rather than distracting you from it. Let’s say that the feeling is really coming up because you are sad, not hungry. Well, did you know that every one of your emotions is a message from your inner mind? And it has a specific meaning. Sadness means that you lost something or somebody. And that doesn’t mean that you are hungry! It means you need to find a replacement for what you lost.

With hypnosis you get to identify the feeling that’s causing you to distract with food. And once identified you can address the feeling in the way that will satisfy it. Sad? Then find the replacement. And when you do that and the feeling goes away, you won’t have any need to eat because there’s no feeling you need to be distracted from.

You can then use self hypnosis weight loss to start to build the natural habits of a healthy and fit person. Using mental rehearsal in a relaxed trance state will build the habits that will lead you to regaining control over those behaviors that have caused you to gain weight. And over time you will lose that weight and learn to live life healthy and fit.

Source by Marc Carlin

Author: james tarrao