It is not always possible to meet those unexpected expenses that discolor our daily budget: imagine that your home or vehicle needs an urgent and expensive repair, that your favorite musical group is on tour and passes through Spain or that someone very dear marries and wants to Give him a gift that lives up to what he deserves. What do you do in those cases?

A private lender we know how important it is to be able to have money quickly to deal with these situations; Therefore, we offer you the possibility of requesting a loan of 1000 USD that you can return in up to 36 months and for which we will not charge you management fees or cancellation fees.

Find your perfect payday loan direct lender

What is a Direct Lender? His task is to help you. Therefore, we have designed an agile, fast and intuitive process whereby you can request a loan of 1000 USD by simply completing a few simple procedures. First, you must enter our website and fill out a form with your data. Next, you will have to attach the following documentation:

  • Valid ID or passport that proves your residence in Spain.
  • A selfie that certifies your identity.
  • A Spanish bank account number so we can send you the money as soon as possible.
  • A mobile phone number so you can receive notifications.

As soon as we receive all your data and documents, we will proceed to study your financial situation to give you an answer as soon as possible; We will always offer you the option that best suits your circumstances and needs. Once your credit is granted, you will receive the confirmation on your mobile phone and we will transfer your money so that you can have it in your account in just 15 minutes.

From then on, you will have up to 36 months to pay it back, but if you decide to settle your debt with us before that deadline expires, we will not charge you cancellation fees (neither total nor partial).

How to fulfill the conditions to obtain a fast credit of 1000 USD?

credit loan

To grant you a quick loan of 1000 USD, you will have to meet three fundamental requirements: be of legal age, have recurring income that you can prove and not be included in any list of delinquents. If at any time we need other documents to study your financial situation, we will let you know as soon as possible.

First, a private lender, we bet on simplicity. We want you to receive the money you need instantly, without complications, without questions, and without guarantees. Therefore, the process to request your fast credit of 1000 euros is very easy: you just have to fill out a web form and send us only the essential documentation so that we can study your case.

Another of our strengths is ethics: we carry out all processes always according to the principles of responsible lending, so we will not offer you amounts or conditions that do not match your economic situation. For us, it is essential that all efforts are transparent, flexible and honest. Nor do we apply abusive commissions: you will not have to pay us anything for the opening or cancellation (total or partial) of your loan, nor for its management.

Likewise, we are aware that the circumstances may vary at any given time and maybe a certain month you cannot pay your loan installment: don’t worry, you can request a month of respite as long as you have already paid six monthly payments.

Can I request a loan of 1000 USD? And without payroll?

If you have been included in an unpaid list such as a private lender, you will not be able to request a loan with us, because at Willy Loman we are committed to consistency and honesty, so it would not be ethical for us to grant you a loan in those circumstances.

With regard to payroll, it is not essential: for us, the important thing is that you can show that you enter money every month. Whether you are self-employed or if you receive a pension or benefit, ask us! We study each case individually in order to offer the best option for our clients.

I need a loan of 1000 USD, how long will it take to receive it?

I need a loan of 1000 USD, how long will it take to receive it?

We know well that time is pressing when you have an urgency to face and you need an injection of liquidity. Therefore, we do not complicate the management process with endless bureaucratic procedures, as our priority is to give you an answer in the shortest possible interval. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we optimize the deadlines to the maximum. And if we notify you of the loan, you will have the money in your account in just 15 minutes.

A private lender, we are committed to innovation and technology to make life easier for our customers. Therefore, we are especially proud to have received recognition from the private lender economic and finance forum as one of the ten most prominent companies in the private lender sector. This distinction places us as a company to follow in the medium term while recognizing our ability to innovate and create a trend in our sector.

The preparation of the Top Ten private lender list of the ten most outstanding private lender companies is carried out by the private lender, a group of experts made up of companies in the financial sector and technology base that provides services in various countries. In addition, these experts receive the support of notable specialists in technology, artificial intelligence, regulations or risks, among other issues.

The inclusion in this list is a milestone for private lenders, as it highlights our effort to democratize the line of credit for individuals, promote online procedures and bet on ethics at all stages of the loan management and granting process.