Lose 15 Pounds Fast and Get Flat Abs Fast Too

It's a simple little secret that no one is talking much about. However, it works and it works to help you lose 15 pounds fast and get flat abs fast too!

It's based on the astonishing fact that there are critters in your gut that are eating up the nutrients from your food so you have to eat more and more. Those critters are the weight-loss secret. Get rid of them, and you'll lose weight so fast you will not know what happened!

Yep, it's kind of gross, but very true. Those critters and all the other garbage just sitting in your gut have got to go in order for you to lose weight fast and permanently. Many people find when they get rid of these little buggers, just the detox process itself causes them to lose a good 15 pounds fast and sometimes even lose 20 or 40 pounds!

Diet companies will not tell you this secret because they make too much money on people being permanently in the "losing weight process" meaning that they are constant dieters because nothing is worked well enough.

There is not a lot of money in this secret because it really works to help people lose weight fast, so no one wants to share it. If you lose 15pounds fast, what good is a long-term program like Weight Watchers?

An added benefit to this whole deal is that not only do you lose weight fast, but you also will find that you get flat abs also. Without those critters in there taking up all the room, you suddenly find that the pooch you had was not nearly so large!

Source by Heather Jacobson

Author: james tarrao