Exercise For Lower Abs – Top 5 – Find Out How To Get Rock Hard Abs

Most of what I have learned was from research in magazines, on the internet and asking around. All of this was prior to be spending endless hours busting out hundreds of situs a day and getting no where in a hurry.

I then found out that exercise alone will not be enough to strip of that last bit of stubborn stomach fat. Correct dieting, exercise & sleep all play crucial roles.

Here are the Rated top 5 Lower ab workouts

Incline Leg Raises

1. Lie on your back on an inclined ab board keep your head on the raised side.

2. Reach above your head and grab onto the feet holders.

3. Raise your feet/legs

Hanging Leg Raises

1. Grab a bar and hang of it, while flexing your arms, shoulders and abs.

2. Slowly raise your feet up, keeping your legs straight at all times

3. Lower your legs and repeat

Hanging Knee Raises

1. Grab a bar and hang of it, while flexing your arms, shoulders and abs.

2. Raise your knees to your chest.

3. Lower back down and repeat.

(Try not to swing at all times)

Incline praying mantis

1. Kneel on an incline board.

2. Roll forward on the Ball without losing your current back angle.

3. If your back changes angle you have more likely gone to far.

Revers crunches on Ball

1. Lye with your middle back on the ball while holding a dumbbell on your chest

2. Select a weught that will have you max out at 8 – 12 Reps.

3. Move your arms in a full motion back over your head whilst holding onto the dumbell.

Please make sure you try to educate yourself on correct eating plans and sleeping habbits as all your hard work will go to waste if these two are not right.

I wish you all the best on your journey to fitness and wellbeing.

Source by Ben Jarvie

Author: james tarrao