No one is safe from accidents on the road. Motorists often get into a situation from which it is very difficult to get out on their own, and then they have recourse to other motorists. Situations can be varied, from a serious car breakage on the road, to the banal lack of petrol in the tank.

You may never see in your life the person who has helped you, but your gratitude to him will remain for a long time. Our service "Thanks for the help on the road" helps to keep the positive feedback about those good people on the road. You may know neither name nor surname of a person who has helped you, but having memorized or written his number, you can leave your positive feedback on our website, and maybe in some time someone will be pleased to see this little gratitude for his help.

The main task of the project is to provide opportunity to thank the good people for their help on the road. Our site helps to develop a culture of gratitude for the assistance, which anyway has been provided free of charge. Everyone will be pleased to see positive feedback about him, about his deed. It will be a pleasant surprise when a person visits our website and sees that someone was grateful to him.

Our website provides neither personal data of vehicle drivers nor pictures of vehicles. Website administration is not responsible for the comments left on the site.

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